9 Jun. 2010

Kumiko Akiyoshi-Kumiko Akiyoshi

Kumiko Akiyoshi-Kumiko Akiyoshi
Lable: ELEC
Year: 2006-05-24

Here's another rare and unique record originally released in 1970. It features acclaimed Japanese actress Kumiko Akiyoshi on vocals and the legendary Yonin Bayashi as her backup band. The music they create together has a nice mellow feeling, with an emphasis on childlike melodies and a few influences of traditional Japanese folk songs. Much of this record is quite beautiful. Towards the second side of the record, it gets a little stranger with a few tracks dedicated to Akiyoshi's telephone conversations with people. In a few calls, she is friendly and is making conversation concerning a date or appointment with friend/lover. In other conversations, she is heard dealing with a stalker of some sort. Strange stuff...but it makes the album as a whole all the more an intriguing listen.

Fans of Morita Douji, Yonin Bayashi, Ike Reiko (and other selection from the fascinating Pinky Violence re-issue series) should find much to enjoy here.


01.- 赤い靴
02.- しゃぼんだま
03.- 星の流れに
04.- 東京ブルース
05.- エリカの花散るとき
06.- えんがちょ
07.- おそまつさまでした
08.- 10人のインデアン
09.- フロイト
10.- 天才
11.- 未来への想い出

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