16 Jul. 2010

Yoninbayashi-Isshoku Sokuhatsu

Yoninbayashi( 四人囃子)-Isshoku Sokuhatsu(一触即発)
Issue: 1974

Yonin Bayashi (四人囃子 Four Musicians) is an influential Japanese rock group that formed in 1970. They are generally regarded as experimental progressive rock.
Originally known as "The San Nin" which means "The Three Piece band" in 1970, with Kasutoshi Morizono (guitar and vocal), Kazuo Nakamura (bass and vocal) and Daiji Okai (drums). In 1971, keyboardist, Hidemi Sakashita joined and they became 'Yonin-Bayashi' which is old Japanese meaning "Four Piece Band". The group was a live band only, performing at festivals and counter-culture events until their debut record Isshoku Sokuhatsu (一触即発 Volatile) in 1974. They broke up in 1979, but reformed in the late 90s for special live performances which continues to present day.

1. ham[ae]beθ
2. 空と雲
3. おまつり (やっぱりおまつりのある街へ行ったら泣いてしまった)
4. 一触即発
5. ピンポン玉の嘆き
6. 空飛ぶ円盤に弟が乗ったよ
7. ブエンディア


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