23 May 2010

ルメン•マキ (Carmen Maki )

Heavy Japanese psych. Carmen Maki was originally a Japanese "blues" singer but joined forces with a prog rock band in the early 70s. This is what makes the internet a truly useful tool. CARMEN MAKI, half American and half Japanese, was born in Kamakura, Japan. Originally having an ambition to be an actress, she studied drama and performances under Shuji Terayama, one of the most famous Japanese stage directors. Her singing ability on the stage moved CBS-Sony Label and in 1969 she could make her debut with the pop song titled "Tokiniwa Haha No Nai Ko No Yoni (Sometimes be like an orphan)". She made a topic with her slipshod, fascinating singing but she could not be amazed enough at pop songs and suddenly changed her musical style for Rock in the next year. Via CARMEN MAKI & BLUES CREATION, a new Japanese rock outfit, she formed CARMEN MAKI & OZ with some talented musicians in 1972. After going through hardships, they released the debut single "A sketch at one o'clock" from Polydor Japan in 1974. Until breaking up in 1977 they could release three studio albums and a live one, all of those were great successes in Japanese Rock scene. MAKI is still active now, with touring various areas and playing on stage.

ルメン•マキ & LAFF-ルメン•マキ & LAFF
Carmen Maki And Salamandre- Carmen Maki And Salamandre

カルメン マキ &Oz-カルメン マキ &Oz  
Carmen Maki &Oz-Ⅲ
Carmen Maki-閉ざされた町

 Carmen Maki-Tokiniwa HahanonaikonoyouniDownload
Carmen Maki-Moon Songs
Carmen Maki - BEST&CULT 

Carmen Maki & Blues Creation - Carmen Maki & Blues Creation 
Download(Part 1)& (Part 2)

Carmen Maki - Adam & Eve 

カルメン・マキ/ゴールデン☆ベスト(best 70's rock)
Password: rocksoul

Carmen Maki-ペルソナ
40 years anniversary cd published on 2009

Carmen Maki-Rousoku No Kieru Made(ろうそくの消えるまで)(Poems in the Midnight )

Carmen Maki & Oz - Live (1977) 
Download (Part 1) & (Part 2)


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