16 May 2010

Emma Junaro-Resolana

Emma Junaro-Resolana
Genre:Folk/Female Vocal
Emma Junaro is a Bolivian musician.
Junaro's style incorporates Brazilian popular music, European folk styles and Andean music. She has worked with the record producer Fernando Cabrero on recording the poems of Matilde Casazola, a poet. Junaro's instrumentation is always acoustic, and has included zampona, charango, quena, piano and guitar.

1.La Resolana
3.Sigue Tu Vuelo
5.El Hombrecito
6.Palabras Para Julia
7.Pobre Martín, Pobre Miseria
8.Romance Para Mi Niño
9.Oscar Alfaro
10.Canción Del Derrumbe Indio


Ps:one of the most famous japanese folk/pop artist called:加藤登纪子 Tokiko Kato
Her famous song 滅びゆくインディオの歌 is originated from Canción Del Derrumbe Indio

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