18 May 2010

Maki Asakawa(浅川 マキ)

Maki Asakawa died, 67 years old.2010/01/17 
about 20:20 myocardial infarctionAt the hotel 
in Nagoya city.The last day of performance of 
three days.She didn't come to the hall.The staff 
found her at the hotel, but..,I wish to express my
 gratitude for your having introduced her. 
This is the email I got in 17th January
Even though my previous blog closed because I 
put Maki Asakawa's albums
But I still want to put up here and let more people
 hear about the music
I actually have 24 albums here

【ライヴ 夜】
【Nothing At All To Lose】
【Darkness I】
【Darkness II】
【Darkness III】
【Darkness Ⅳ】
もらった (1981)】
【Blue Spirit Blues】
【Cat Nap】
【Asakawa Maki no Sekai,1970+II,1971,LPs】 
2 albums in one link
【One EP】
【Hi Tomoshi Goro (Japan, 1976)】
【Yami No Naka Ni Okizari Ni Shite-Black Ni Good
 Luck (Japan, 1998)】

Recently her reissued limited box is available 
on HMV,I high recommended for people who like her

10 CDs in the box including:
3.浅川マキライヴ 夜(1978.2.5) 
5.CAT NAP(1982.10.21) 
6.SOME YEARS PARST(1985.2.21) 
8.こぼれる黄金の砂―What it be like―(1987.2.25) 
10.Nothing at all to lose(1988.12.21)
They all almost impossible to buy
So if you like it, you can get it now 


  1. She was a brilliant musician and will be missed. - 304mm

  2. o m g. thank you, really, for sharing! her albums are so hard to get..but sadly the links are all down!! could you reupload them? I would be endlessly thankful!

  3. I just discovered her today and still can't believe that such a misterious, smokey, deep voice can exist. So far I found two of her albums ('Maki IV' and 'My Man') and a couple VA's. Too bad the page where you uploaded the albums does no longer exist... I would appreciate it very much if you'd re-uploaded them on another page. Still, thanks for the big effort to make people aware of this wonderful music, still unknown in a lot of places. Cheers!