12 May 2010

Jon & Jodi-Two Sides Of Jon & Jodi

Jon & Jodi-Two Sides Of Jon & Jodi
Language: English
Genre: Folk

"This lovely and unusual folk record is a small treasure. Jon & Jodi were two undeniably sweet kids from Delaware who charmed some local businessperson enough to finance this record. The best songs, like the opening "Ladybug," are haunting ballads, with a dreamy production sound and forlorn harmonies; they really have beautiful voices. A few songs have a bit of a country/bluegrass edge (with banjo, steel guitar and "dobrow"), but even on these the vocals have the loner folk feel to them. The upbeat songs don't quite match the moodier ones, but there really aren't any duds here. Most albums that sound like this are Christian, but this is not, despite their innocence (from the liner notes: "In this freaked out world, Jon & Jodi seem almost unreal."

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